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icons by episode
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October 30th, 2010 
TV Show: The X-Files
Season(s): Four
Batches: 1-6
# of icons: 329

A/N: Created for iepisode.

Rules: 1) Credit is obligatory 2) Comments are loved 3) Hotlinking is wrong


x files,iepisode,season 4 x files,iepisode,season 4 x files,season 4,iepisode

Batch #1 (Herrenvolk, Home, Teliko): HERE
Batch #2 (Unruhe, The Field Where I Died, Sanguinarium, The Musings of CSM): HERE
Batch #3 (Tunguska, TERMA): HERE
Batch #4 (Paper Hearts, El Mundo Gira, Leonard Betts, Never Again): HERE
Batch #5 (Memento Mori, Kaddish, Unrequited, Tempus Fugit, Max, Synchrony): HERE
Batch #6 (Small Potatoes, Zero Sum, Elegy, Demons, Gethsemane): HERE
BS - Miranda
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