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icons by episode
Claim a show. Icon every episode.
10 Apr
Please read through this list before asking questions.
All questions should be directed to this post.

Can I claim just season four of ....?
Absolutely! You can choose whatever season you'd like as long as it's not currently airing.

Can I claim a brand new show?
No. You'll need to wait until at least one season has been completed.

I'd really like to claim .... but it's been taken. What do I do?!?
Head on over to the waitlist post and reply with your claim. You will be notified when your claim becomes available.

Can I claim more than one show?

Can I make more than 3 icons per episode?
Of course! You can take the challenge as far as you'd like as long as you meet the basic requirement of 3 icons per episode.

I've run out of time!! What do I do?!?
Leave a comment in the claim post. Let us know if you'd like to drop the claim or need an extension.

Is animation permitted?
Anything goes as long as it fits LJ's standards.

How should I post my icons?
You can post as many icons as you'd like as long as there are at least 6 episodes per post. They MUST BE POSTED IN ORDER though.
Please take a look at the How to Post post for more information

Can I use icons I made in the past?
No. Icons must be new and made specifically for your claim.

Can I use/make bases?
No. Icons can be textless, but icons need to be more than just cropped and saved.

I FINISHED MY CLAIM!! What do I do now?
Take a read through the information available in the hall of fame.
17 Apr (UTC)
I got 1 really stupid question :
1 : if an episode is available on DVD in an extended version than the aired episode, can we use extented version caps or only picures coming from the aired episode?
17 Apr (UTC)
that's a perfectly legitimate question. :D

Yes, if there were deleted/extended/etc. scenes that were not in the original aired episode, you can use them as long as they're actually from an episode and not... promo pics or an additional scene that doesn't 'fit' in an episode.
does that make sense?
18 Apr (UTC)
Absolutely!!! Thank you!!!
29 Apr (UTC)
I have a question, am I allowed to share the icons while in progress of iconing the other episodes?
29 Apr (UTC)
You need to post at least 6 episodes' icons to the comm (3 icons each for a total of 18 icons), but if you wanna share less than that at your journal that's your prerogative.
Did that answer your question?
29 Apr (UTC)
yes and no, I meant post them in my graphics community as "progress" and allow them to be shareable
29 Apr (UTC)
Yup, that's fine. :)
29 Apr (UTC)
thank you :D
24 Jun (UTC)
after were completely done with out first claim, can we do another?
24 Jun (UTC)
Absolutely. :D
11 Jul (UTC)
I have a question that may seem totally stupid but what constitutes the end of one batch and the start of another? Like do you have a limit of how many icons can be in a batch? or is it how many you get done at the time?
20 Jul (UTC)
It can be as many episode batches you get done or as few as 6 episode batches.
Technically, if you want to post your entire claim at once, there's nothing stopping you. There's only the 6 episode minimum you need to worry about. And it's okay if, at the end of your claim, you end up with under 6 episodes. Before that, though, 6 episode min. :P

Not stupid at all. I'm just not good at answering things very straightforwardly. :P
20 Jul (UTC)
Hey you guys my deadline ends on the 29th and i was wondering if i could get an extension pretty please? I'm halfway done, it's just that my comp was just hit with a Trojan(i nearly had a heart attack the thought of losing everything)... though luckily my brother has managed to get rid of it without deleting any of my files.
The thing is for some reason my Photoshop doesn't work, it keeps saying it needs to be reactivated even though it had been reactivated. So as you can see i won't be able to do anything till Photoshop works.
Thanks in advance. :)
20 Jul (UTC)
Not a problem.
Your claim has been extended to August 29th, 2009. :) Let us know if that's too short.
21 Jul (UTC)
Thanks so much, i'm sure i can finish by then. :]
15 Aug (UTC)
I'm surprised I didn't think of this earlier but my claim is Doctor Who Series 3 and I was wondering if that would include one of the Christmas specials (if so, Runaway Bride or Voyage of the Damned?) or just the regular 13 episodes?
15 Aug (UTC)
I actually didn't even think of that. If you want to icon a special (or both, if you want), you're welcome to. My personal opinion is that Runaway Bride was S3 and Voyage of the Damned was S4, but... I could be wrong. :P
15 Aug (UTC)
Okay thanks, I think of them the same way but I know some people think of them the other way around XD
18 Sep (UTC)
Quick question: If I claimed seasons 1 & 2, and I'm posting batch 1, which consists of all the season 1 icons, should I tag it with both seasons?

I'm splitting it up so that each season is a batch, and I'm not sure if they should be tagged as only the season it contains, or both of the seasons, as a whole.

Does that make sense?
19 Sep (UTC)
Just tag it with the seasons that are in the batch. In this case, it'd just be season one. :)
14 Nov (UTC)
What should I do if the seasons I originally picked are majorly lacking in screencaps? I was hoping I could swap seasons if that's allowed?
06 Jan (UTC)
the thing about posting in order.... is that when posting to the community?
I mean, can I have public posts in my icon journal for all my three claimed seasons and make icons for random episodes and keep all posts updated?

I like being able to see my progress and how it looks when coded and everything you see.

Or is this breaking the rules? Should I have them locked?
08 Oct (UTC)
Hello. :)
Can I icon only the episodes of the season that I really like? There are always some horrible episodes of a really great seasons I wouldn't want to do exactly the same thing I've been doing for itvshow.
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