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icons by episode

Claim a show. Icon every episode.

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Claim your tv show. Icon every episode.

Welcome to iepisode.

Claim your tv show.
Icon every episode.

Your moderators are ms_shalimar & quiddity_.
A mod account has been created to ease claim approval wait time. All major mod posts will be made by mod_iepisode.

Thank you to noveltybox for the userinfo coding & kill_brainz for the layout stylesheet. ♥♥

what do i do?

1. join the community. Membership is REQUIRED to participate.
2. claim a tv show.
3. Make three icons per episode.
4. When you've finished your claim, comment at the hall of fame to receive your banner and get added.
5. Confused? Ask here!


1. For each season you claim, you will have a two months added to complete your claim. (4 seasons = 8 months)
2. You don't need to post a complete claim. You can break it down into seasons or episodes. Your claim must be posted in order though.
3. Please post all icons under a lj-cut. You may have 3 icons as a preview.
4. Icons must be new and made specifically for your claim. No premade bases.
5. If posting your claim to your icon journal, the post may NOT be members only.
6. Please tag your posts. See this post for details.
7. Please include the name of your tv show in the subject line of your post.
8. One claim per person.
9. A show can be claimed twice.
10. If the show you want is already claimed, you will be put on the waitlist until it becomes available.

Any questions, comments, or concerns? See this post.

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